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Latoria Thompson Consulting, LLC


Latoria Thompson Consulting, LLC


Loan Origination and Underwriting Services in Bowie, MD

At Latoria Thompson Consulting, LLC, our finance consulting skill set is expansive. Your team will benefit from skills we have built through decades of experience. We have 25 years of practical knowledge obtained by working in every facet of commercial real estate finance, healthcare, and multifamily loan analysis. Our experience includes nearly 15 years of underwriting HUD MAP and LEAN loans and a reputation for outstanding results.

From our Bowie, MD location, we offer all our services nationally with easy access to the DC Metro area. Latoria Thompson Consulting, LLC is excited to work with banks, finance companies, and others seeking commercial real estate finance suppport. Contact us to discuss our services.

Finance Consulting

We offer versatile services that support our clients. You can hire us for loan origination, underwriting, asset management, project management, and more. We are happy to strategize our services with you.

Underwriting Support

We provide commercial loan originations and underwriting support. With a HUD LEAN Underwriter Certification, our expert has a proven track record structuring and underwriting conventional loans and loans insured by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

Underwriter Training

Our commercial underwriting training is for underwriters who want to learn from a HUD-certified professional with years of underwriting experience. Our expert has coached successfully more than 50 conventional and HUD-certified underwriters, many of whom are still active in their positions today.

Our clients have the choice of one-on-one training or group training sessions.  Each training is customized to fit your company needs. Training timeframes depend on the experience and pace of the team.

Our training materials include hand-outs and guidebooks as well as hands-on training and coaching on live loan transactions. Each trainee will need to receive HUD approval on actual underwritten loans before receiving their HUD certification. This process can last as long as two years.

Underwriter training for executives.