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Latoria Thompson Consulting, LLC


Latoria Thompson Consulting, LLC

High-Level Perspective for Detailed Execution

Plot a Path to Success with Finance Consulting

Latoria Thompson Consulting, LLC is proud to offer versatile consulting and underwriting services in commercial real estate finance. We bring to every project our vast experience in healthcare and multi-family mortgage analysis and our strong expertise in HUD lending. Count on our team to provide services that will improve your capabilities. With our comprehensive approach to finance consulting in Bowie, MD, you will have the information and resources to steer your firm in a confident direction.

Commercial real estate is a competitive field. It is important to consider your short- and long-term goals. By working with our team, you will gain valuable insights that you can apply to your day-to-day operations. Our comprehensive approach to financing, lending, and mortgage analysis will help you make smart and strategic decisions. We work hard to make your job easier.

The Multifaceted Consulting Firm

Trends and patterns change with time. The company that is equipped to adapt will succeed. Count on our consulting team to help you prepare for what’s ahead. Beyond finance consulting, we offer a variety of project management and teambuilding solutions.

Strengthen your organization. We’ll identify your team’s strengths, as well as what you can do to improve your position. We have worked with companies across different industries, allowing us to demonstrate an adaptive and wide-ranging approach to your organization. 

Underwriting: Ensure you are working with quality underwriting services. We provide a comprehensive and objective approach. We can also strengthen your in-house capabilities by facilitating underwriter training. 

Projects: Smart project management protects your bottom line. Our consulting firm offers project management solutions. From everyday operations to long-term endeavors, we will keep your organization on the right track. We also facilitate think tank strategies. 

Consulting: Equip your teams with the right tools--we’ll be your coach. Our firm offers teambuilding and executive consulting services, empowering your organization to turn plans into action. We make it easier for your firm to reach its potential, and beyond.


Latoria Thompson Consulting, LLC is backed by an expert with more than 20 years of financial consulting experience and almost 10 years as a HUD-certified LEAN underwriter. Our expert has built teams for large corporations like Capital One and Merrill Lynch, as well as private organizations like Housing & Healthcare Finance and Love Funding Corporation. Thanks to our proven record, we have helped companies attain their goals and prepare for lasting success. 

We are your dependable consulting firm for commercial real estate financing. We bring our knowledge and skill to every service we offer. Save time, streamline your processes, and strengthen your company’s capabilities with our help. Request a consultation today and see what we can bring to your team.

Contact us to request a consultation for underwriting, project management, or teambuilding and coaching services. Our firm is based in Bowie, MD, and serves clients throughout the United States.

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